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Support Your Local Dirtbag


/ˈdərtbaɡ/ - noun - 

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"Chances are high you have either met, are friends with or are a dirtbag"

Someone who dedicates their life's existence to a certain lifestyle, often, but not limited to- the pursuit of an outdoor recreational activity such as rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, pogo-sticking , etc. Doing so in an often extreme manner in which societal norms are partially or completely abandoned to pursue the said activity. While the term 'dirtbag' is generally associated with living a non-hygienic and financially frugal existence - they are not a required characteristic of being a "dirtbag" - although they are very common. 

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If you play around in the realm of outdoor recreation - chances are high you have either met, are friends with or personally are a dirtbag.  This'dirtbag' lifestyle is the exact founding principals on which Stay Wild is built upon. With all the founding members of Stay Wild having spent multiple seasons in the backs of various vehicles, living atop piles of rocks in the desert, in snow caves built in the snowbanks down by the base lodge and in patched up old thrift store tents. The life dedicated to the pursuit of adventure... To staying wild. It's an incredibly exciting life to live - abandoning societal norms and running off into the sunset,  an adventure bound rebel with a one-way ticket to Sendville.


But turns out a ticket to Sendville has a price. Medical bills are a real thing, car insurance (if you have a car) doesn't just go away on a climbing trip and although cous cous and cat food are cheap - they still cost money. 


A big part of my adventures and traveling is documentation - I love to tell stories and I love to take pictures. It's often comical when I look through my phones camera roll and see 'screenshots' of my bank account and then see what I was doing for the next couple of months. 


*screenshot of $12.11*

works as a dishwasher in Moab for a few weeks

*screenshot of $235.77*

Drive to Jackson hole to ski.

*screenshot of -$1.80*

Becomes barback for a few months

*screenshot of $1,320.05*

Drives across the country

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