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Dirtbag /ˈdərtbaɡ/ - noun - 

Someone who dedicates their life's existence to a certain lifestyle, often, but not limited to- the pursuit of an outdoor recreational activity such as rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, pogo-sticking , etc. Doing so in an often extreme manner in which societal norms are partially or completely abandoned to pursue the said activity. While the term 'dirtbag' is generally associated with living a non-hygienic and financially frugal existence - they are not a required characteristic of being a "dirtbag" - although they are very common. 


Sticker Size: 3.34" x 4"

Dirtbag Sticker!

  • f for some reason you go full-jerry and crumple this sticker in the adheration process we will send you a replacement free of charge. Photo evidence is required, ya jamook. 

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