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The Story

STAY WILD was given birth to in the back of a dilapidated old van down by the base lodge during a cold New England winter. Written in bold spray painted letters on the back of a ski bum's janky old van, after traveling across the country- has morphed. 

These two words have changed into representing much more. 

They have become a mantra.

These two simple, yet powerful words... 

Stay. Wild.

Have formed a community.


A community of forest tourists, vertical citizens, leaf peepers, globetrotters and outdoor recreationalists. All sharing in a mutual vision - getting outside and experiencing the boundless adventures to be had while pursuing a life in the outdoors. 


"Stay Wild" is more than just that - traveling, visiting and experiencing these wild places. These two words also stand as a reminder to us. To not solely use what these places give to us, but to act as ambassadors of these natural lands and preserve all that they have to offer. To keep them what they have always been. Wild.


-Erik J. Howes "Smellybagofdirt"-

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