The Story

STAY WILD was given birth to in the back of a dilapidated old van down by the base lodge during a cold New England winter. Written in bold spray painted letters on the back of a ski bum's janky old van- after traveling across the country- has morphed. 

These two words have changed into representing much more.

They have become a mantra. 

These two simple, yet powerful words

Stay. Wild.

Have formed a tribe.


A tribe of forest tourists, vertical citizens, leaf peepers, globetrotters and outdoor recreationalists. All sharing in a mutual vision- of getting outside and experiencing the boundless adventures to be had while pursuing a life in the outdoors. 


"Stay Wild" is more than just that- traveling, visiting and experiencing these wild places. These two words also stand as a reminder to us. To not solely use what these places give to us- but to act as ambassadors of these natural lands and preserve all that they have to offer - to keep them what they have always been. Wild.


- Erik J. Howes "Smellybagofdirt" -